Hello dear visitors!
We established this small business due to the passion for creating aesthetic home décor items.
Thanks to our education (one of us is a designer, and the other one had always been creating fabric items) and passion for our job for already 2 years we are creating aesthetic items for your home décor. 
Both of us have graduated from university two years ago. Recently we have been working for the local market, however, we started to get requests from our friends abroad. 
Since that we decided to set up the own business. We know that customers appreciate unique aesthetic handmade items, so we try our best to make interesting designs from premium quality fabrics, especially linen.
The first product that we have created is linen bedding. We understand that everyone wants to sleep with comfort, so we made our first bedding set and have tried to use it. Awesome feelings! 
So we made the photos and started to sell our bedding worldwide. The first place where people could find our items was Etsy.

When we got our first money for completed orders, we invested all the sum in new products creation – we have a quite big catalog now.
We are really happy that our customers can make the choice and buy lovely items!
We are Kyiv (Ukraine) based team and we are always open for cooperation. We are young, bold, creative, and already experienced so we do our best to make you satisfied.
Best regards,
Sebastian & Antonio
The ULinen co-owners